We Got a Stamp (The Modern Designer’s Rite of Passage)


Even before I met Dave, and consequently fell into the design world, I loved stamps. There is something about holding a tactile object, choosing your ink, choosing your paper, and creating something out of the two. When I was about 11 I got into this phase where I would make little cards using the stamps as a base to create a watercolour piece, or emboss the stamp image – I thought it was just about the most creative and cool thing an 11 year old could possibly do.


As we went about branding The AGSC, we both could not wait to get our hands on a custom stamp. We started researching, and came across Simon’s Stamps, an American custom rubber stamp manufacturer. After getting in contact with them, we put through our order, and less than 24 hours later, it was shipped to Spain. Nice and easy – definitely check them out.



In other news, despite our luck with Simon’s Stamps, we haven’t had much luck with the Spanish postal service! Our dear Matilda prints were detained upon entry into Spain, and we were told we would have to pay a couple hundred euros to get them released, so they are currently taking a tour around the world as they are sent back to the States; to then be sent to Australia. Spain always keeps us on our toes. We are hoping to have them back up in the The AGSC Shop within the next month!



Our fingers are itching to stamp some stuff, so if you’d like, send us your postal address to [email protected] and we’ll craft you a little bit of hand lettering on some nice paper, sealed with a kiss stamp. Go on!


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  • Alex

    Just curious, what size stamp did you guys order? definitely looking to get one made for myself.

  • Igor

    I should probably thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never met Simon’s Stamps and had this beauty made. So thank you. :)