Remembering Oliver Coleman

16 weeks ago, Dave and I were blessed to fall pregnant.  Those of you that know us will know we love kids and have always dreamt of starting our own family; so when we found out we had fallen pregnant, we were so incredibly stoked.  However, 3 weeks ago, we lost our little son Oliver to a miscarriage.

We delighted in the time that we had with Oliver, and learnt so much in our 13 weeks together. It’s crazy how in 3 short months you can grow to love someone so much. We had so many plans for our little one, and so loved dreaming of his life and milestones to enjoy together. While we are incredibly sad that we will never get to see them realised, we know that God is good, and sovereign and has a plan for Oliver’s short but significant life. 

We were blessed to have my parents come over as soon as they heard the news (Dad was already in Dubai, and arrived at our doorstep at the exact moment that we did after being discharged from hospital), and we were able to have a service for Oliver, up in the mountain that overlooks our apartment. We filled a jar full of letters, notes, and things we had bought or been given that were for Oliver, and buried it in the hillside. Oviedo will always be special to us, and even more so now. Our hearts are healing, and we have been so grateful for the love and support we have had from family and friends.

We’ve been out of action on and off for the past three weeks, as I’ve been physically recovering, and as we’ve been grieving our loss. Thanks all for your patience and understanding during this time.

We are returning to work now, so make sure to keep an eye out here and our socials to see what we are up to.

Much love,


  • David Calavitta

    Praying for you both.