Introducing: Ryan Brady Rish


One of our main motivators for calling our business The AGSC was that we didn’t want to work under the moniker of one persons name. Expanding The AGSC in one way or another has always been something that we’ve chatted and thought about for the future; we just weren’t sure when and how it would come about.

Earlier this year we were approached by a bright, energetic, vivacious, and very talented person asking if we would consider taking him on as an intern. We were so flattered that someone would come to us, and ask to work with us!

After a lot of thought, prayer, and chatting, we gave the thumbs up to the idea.

Today we are really excited to introduce you all to Ryan Brady Rish, our new intern. He’ll be working alongside us for the next couple of months, learning the ropes, all remotely from Savannah, Georgia.

Brady is an insanely talented guy, and we can’t wait to see how he develops and learns over these next few months. Be sure to follow Brady’s Twitter, and see what he gets up to while he’s with us!

Here’s a few words from Brady himself:

Dave and Laura, I am thrilled for this opportunity. Ready to get my learn on. Thank you for this.

The name is Ryan Brady Rish, named after my great grandfather, R.B.—a man who enjoyed Moon Pies and RC Cola. Originally I hail from Douglas, Georgia and reside in Orlando, Florida during my time off from hustlin’ at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


In my middle school days, I was an avid gamer of the famed Halo 2. And boy did I love me some Halo 2 Online. I’d say I wasn’t that good, but I was (you know, placing in the top 300,000) but that’s beside the point. After getting involved more online I developed relationships with other gamers from God knows where, and one of my online friends ended up making me a ‘sig’, or a signature, which in essence was anything you could think of with your Xbox Live Gamertag on it. This graphic was a self-portrait of sorts, and I rather enjoyed it. I downloaded my self a copy of Gimp, oh yeah, and went to town, making my own sigs. In that moment, I was in. Later on, around 8th grade, I would be given a copy of Photoshop CS1 on a disk. Then high school came. T-shirts, posters, MySpace layouts, Album Artwork, I made the whole shebang from being a band’s merch guy/roadie/groupie and last but not least, designer.


I’ve decided in my inspiration from my talented, humble friend Justin Barber that I would write a manifesto on the ways I want live out this internship and relationship with Dave and Laura. So, here it goes.

I will:

  1. Put God first.
  2. Work to learn, and learn to work.
  3. Write and read more. (Hello Medium)
  4. Self reflect more. You know, journal and stuff.
  5. Acknowledge what I’m good at, what I’m not and what I want to be better at. (All the things.)
  6. Take in and give back as much as I can.
  7. Look back and say “I worked as hard as I could” but never “I worked too much”. Thanks Justin.
  8. Get better at things: chopping wood, eating cereal, coming up with pet/nick names, swimming, sitting still.
  9. Do things I want to do, but am afraid of actually doing: illustration, sign painting, …coding.
  10. Embrace the mistakes (learning opportunities), put them under my belt and move forward everyday.


Many beautiful successes and failures are to come (more successes, I assure you, haha); it is a pleasure to be on the team and to officially be welcomed as an intern, as a partner and as a friend.