Wood Grain Pattern
30 May

If you’ve ever found yourself slack–jawed and glassy–eyed whilst ogling that perfect wood grain in someone’s illustration, then listen carefully because you’re gon’ learn today. In this tutorial were are going to sketch, scan, trace, tweak and proudly display our very own seamless wood grain texture. You’ll need the following: Paper & pencil Scanner or camera(phone) Illustrator Pen Tool Pattern Options Tab Photoshop The AGSC’s Stamp Effect Lettering/photo/illustration to compliment your grain Here’s what we’ll be […]

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Simple Stamp Effect

May 16th, 2014 By Category: Tagged:
16 May

This one’s real quick and easy! This stamp effect is perfect for adding a bit of texture to your artwork without overdoing it. Ingredients: Illustrator Photoshop One-colour design to work with [1] Concrete texture Optional: Groovy pattern (Sprinkles & Winks available in our shop—read on for 50% off!) Optional: Rubber stamp for reference (take a look at our stamp if you like) Method: First things first We’re going to kick things off in Ai. Create a […]

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30 Apr

In a previous tutorial we walked through creating a logotype in Illustrator and warming it up in Photoshop. This prompted a very good question from a few folks; how do I return my artwork to vector? Let’s take a look at an easy way of breathing the beziers back into your bitmaps. Here’s an example, fresh from Ai: Fig. 01 Here’s the same logo, with a few effects applied (keep an eye out for a tutorial […]

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17 Apr

Have you ever seen Illustrator progress shots from your favourite designers and wondered how and why their bezier handles are so obsessively arranged? We’re hoping to shed a little light on this seemingly unnecessary process. Note: this tutorial assumes a solid grasp of Illustrator & the pen tool. Until recently, I definitely belonged to the What’s the point of that? club—and perhaps secretly the How did they do that? club. However I decided to see what […]

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12 Mar

We’ve been looking forward to writing this how-to for a long time, and we hope it helps. If you have any questions or suggestions, hit us up in the comments, or email us: [email protected] There’s no right and wrong way of doing this stuff. This is just our take on it, and it’s one of a myriad of different takes out there. By the way, heads up; press ‘h’ to hide the sidebar and get some […]

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A Quick Guide to: Isolating Type

March 04th, 2014 By Category: Tagged:
04 Mar

This tutorial demonstrates how to knock out your type/illustration from your background/paper in photoshop.

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